What to Do When Disaster Strikes

when disaster strikes your home

Whether fire, flood, or storm disaster, losing personal items and extensive damage to your home can turn your family’s lives upside down. It’s a situation like no other.

Throughout this entire process, your STRONE Project Manager will work with you, keeping you updated and communicating next steps of the process. STRONE response teams are professionals and understand the stress you are currently experiencing.

Call Your Insurance Company
Report the details of your property damages and ensure you confirm the following for future reference:
– Insurance claim file number
– Deductible
– Coverage limits

At this time, you can request for your insurer to assign STRONE to your claim.

Emergency Response
A Project Manager will make initial contact with you to go inspect and assess your damages. Our emergency team will be dispatched immediately to minimize your damages by cleaning the impacted areas in your home, move contents to secure area and install equipment required for your situation.

Restoration Stage
Once emergency work is completed, we turn our attention to the restoration stage.

Your project manager will formulate an estimate for restoration work to put your home back to normal under your insurer’s guidelines. Once the estimate is approved by your insurance company, STRONE will proceed with the restoration and renovation work.

Together, our entire STRONE team has one common goal, to lend your family a helping hand as we work towards returning your home and your lives back to normal.

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