Severe storms can strike with little warning. Our emergency crews are prepared to respond to wind, tornado, hail, lightning, and water damage 24/7.

Wind / Tornado

It’s no secret that severe winds and more so tornado strength winds can wreck absolute havoc on your property. Fallen trees and brute strength of the winds can cause damage to the roof, siding, fence, and any other structures on the property.

Areas are opened for water to soil attic insulation, drywall ceilings, and walls. Whether damage suffered is minor or major in nature, urgent action is important to prevent secondary damage. STRONE crews will use tarping and board up methods early to help prevent further damage, such as leaks, rot, and mould, while also limiting entry by wildlife and looters. This will provide a temporary solution while structural damage is assessed and until proper repairs are approved and made. 


Hail stones are created when thunderstorm updrafts lift water droplets above the freezing level in the atmosphere.  When hail stones become too heavy to be lifted by the updraft, it falls to the ground.  Hail stones are typically only pea size, but they can grow to property damaging sizes.

While vehicle and crop damage is easy to spot, damage to your house or building can be harder to see. Hail can cause damage to roofing shingles and in extreme cases penetrate through the roof. Windblown hail can break windows and damage siding on houses. Hail damage can create entry points for water, leading to secondary damage. Quick response by STRONE crews can address this early, with permanent repairs to follow.


During severe thunderstorms, the unexpected can become a reality. Heavy rains causing overland flooding, power outages leading to sump pump failures, and overwhelmed municipal systems leading to sewer backups can occur.

STRONE crews are on call 24/7 and are on high alert when severe weather is forecast.  Upon arrival, IICRC trained personnel (water damage and advanced structural drying) will assess the situation. Crews will conduct necessary water extraction, along with timely removal of wet building materials. Attention will move to structural drying, contents, and mould prevention. Upon completion of emergency work, we will work on a plan for restoration, to return your home its pre-loss condition.

Ice Storms

When ice storms hit, they can wreak havoc on entire communities, with trees toppled, properties damaged, and power lines down.

STRONE PMs and crews are no strangers to severe ice storms. Storms such as the one that ravaged Southern Ontario in December 2013, just before Christmas present numerous challenges including accessibility to neighbourhoods, local resources, and frigid conditions.

Many residents can be without power, heat, light, and water, for days in some cases. If this occurs during a bitter cold winter, you may need to evacuate your home, seeking shelter in a warming facility or in the home of friends or family. Tune in to local media for updates and most importantly stay safe.

Throughout this entire process, your STRONE Project Manager will work with you, keeping you updated on progress and communicating next steps in the process. STRONE crews and trades are professionals and understand the stress you are experiencing from this situation. Together, our entire STRONE team has one common goal, to lend your family a helping hand as we work toward returning your home and your lives back to normal.

What to Do When Disaster Strikes Your Home