It’s unfortunate that this even occurs, but vandalism is a reality. Whether planned or random, the result is the same - a very stressful situation, feeling like a personal attack.

Your STRONE Project Manager will respond quickly and considerately to help alleviate the stress and embarrassment caused by this unfortunate act. Damage will be assessed to determine the best approach to return property to its pre-loss condition.

Defacement such as graffiti can be dealt with various media blasting methods such as dry ice or soda, or a chemical treatment may be necessary. Destruction of property will be dealt with swiftly by our trades, including debris cleanup, drywall repairs, paint, window and door repair, flooring, and more.

Break and Enter

This is an incident where our 24/7 emergency response can be most appreciated. Break-ins can occur at any time in the day, but will most often happen in the wee hours of the night.

STRONE crews can be dispatched at any hour to return your home to a safe condition, giving you back the sense of security important to all of us. We can address broken doors and windows, providing temporary solutions initially, until new replacements are available for installation.

Vehicle Impacts

Vehicle impacts to your building are typically the result of a sudden loss of control of a vehicle - from cars up to tractor trailers.

Depending on the damage, STRONE will respond to weather proof, secure, and support the structure. Shoring may be required to prevent further damage. Our Project Manager will with guidance from a structural engineer, to return the building back to normal as quickly as possible.