Priority Response Program Mobile App

Priority Response Program App

Mitigate commercial property loss!

The Priority Response Program Mobile App is proudly supplied by STRONE and Itech Environmental. This app provides clients with the ability to make fast contact with our ER teams in an emergency. A quick call to our 24/7 hotlines will allow our crews to respond promptly, mitigate loss, and reduce the risk of secondary damage.

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Key Features of the Priority Response Program Mobile App

  • Quick touch access to 24/7 emergency hotlines
  • Stress-free emergency calls during sudden critical events
  • Push notifications for timely STRONE and Itech news updates
  • Convenient web links to STRONE and Itech websites

Priority Response Program Mobile App

Quick Touch Access to 24/7 Emergency Hotlines

The Priority Response Program App provides convenient access to emergency phone contacts, when response time is critical. We do this with simple links to Property Emergency and Environmental Emergency phone lines, thus putting you in touch with appropriate personnel quickly and easily.

Access to the Online Information You Need

Website links and our “latest news” section keep you up to date on STRONE and Itech news, tips, and events.

Your Complete Emergency Solution

The Priority Response Program assists commercial, industrial, and institutional entities with planning for sudden critical events. This includes fire, water, and storm damage, vehicle impacts, spills, and acts of vandalism. Pre-authorized procedures and prepared crews greatly reduce stress for clients in the early hours of an incident. As a result, STRONE and Itech crews can deliver a more delightful experience, when you’re faced with a challenging incident.

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