Helpful Tips When Cleaning up After GTA Flooding

Cleaning Up After Flooding in the GTA

When impacted by flooding, home and business owners can take proactive steps to help improve restoration results in a safe manner. Here are some helpful tips on cleaning up after a flood.

  • Wear protective clothing – overalls, gloves, protective eyeglasses, rubber boots and a face mask. All items are available from Home Depot or your closest hardware supply chain.
  • Stay clear of electrical equipment. Do not attempt to change any fuses if you are standing in water or on damp ground.
  • If weather permits, open basement windows to allow fresh air in. In addition to speeding the drying process, this helps to reduce odours.
  • Remove items of value that are in or near the source of water.
  • Roll back or remove rugs close to the source of water.
  • Use wet/dry vacuums, mops or rags to eliminate excess water.
  • Set-up fans and/or dehumidifiers to generate air flow that will reduce dampness and speed drying.
  • Minor debris should be left out for regular garbage pick-up.
  • Soft furniture affected by bacteria should be removed from the premises and left outside to dry for eventual disposal.
  • When water is widespread and there is serious damage, it is suggested that you:

  • Make a written list of all property that is damaged.
  • Note which property is permanently damaged (i.e. won’t be usable after being properly dried).
  • Take photos to document the water spread and the wet property.
  • For additional flood information, please visit:

    Red Cross Guide to Flood Recovery –
    Electrical Safety Authority –
    Insurance Bureau of Canada –
    City of Toronto –
    Region of Peel –

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