Five Resources to Guide You through Flood Preparation and Recovery

Flood Preparation and Recovery

There is plenty of information available to those in flood impacted areas, regarding flood preparation and recovery, insurance coverage, safety tips, and more. While STRONE supports home and business owners with emergency flood response and restoration services; national, provincial, and regional organizations and governments lend their expertise and support to assist those impacted by flooding. The following are resources that can be highly valuable to prepare homeowners living in flood prone areas or those impacted by flooding and in the initial stages of recovery.

Get Prepared

You may have heard this adage in sports – “The best offence is a good defence.” When it comes to flooding, “defence” or “preparation” can play a huge role in mitigating damage to your residential or commercial property, while ensuring the safety of family, neighbours, and co-workers. The Government of Canada website – – is a wealth of information for preparedness of all emergencies, including flood preparation and recovery. Check this site for tips on creating an emergency plan, assembling an emergency kit, along with what to do before, during, and after a flood.

Guide to Flood Recovery

The Canadian Red Cross has published a twelve page document to assist homeowners who are impacted by severe flooding. While it is best to review this prior to flooding – thus allowing you to be better prepared – it is a very helpful resource for those whose homes or businesses have been compromised by heavy rainfall and/or snow melt.

Flood Insurance Coverage

The Insurance Bureau of Canada is a great source of information during flood events. What is and isn’t covered by your insurance plan? Helpful tips to protect your home or cottage, as well as additional information regarding insurance coverage during flooding are available via the link below.

Electrical Flood Safety Tips

When returning to your home, cottage, or business after a flood, electrical equipment and wiring that has been exposed to water can present a highly dangerous hazard. The Electrical Safety Authority provides flood safety tips on its website, covering both what to consider before evacuating and more importantly what precautions to take when returning to a flooded building.

Local Flood Recovery Support and Information

Keep in contact with your local municipality. Municipal websites and social media outlets rise to the occasion during disastrous events such as flooding. Information is vital and you can guarantee that municipalities will communicate advisories and warnings online and through local media as well.

Area restoration contractors are mobilized quickly in flood areas to support insurers, home & cottage owners, and business owners impacted by regional flooding. With a STRONE presence in communities throughout Ontario, Montreal, and Calgary, we’re ready to respond. If you require assistance or have a question for us, please contact your local STRONE branch. We’re here to assist.

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