Regardless of the scale of the fire, damage to your home and contents can become very serious if not addressed by a qualified restoration professional quickly. With crews on-call at all times, STRONE delivers rapid response times and 24 hour emergency service for fire and smoke damage restoration.

24/7 Emergency Response

When safe access to the fire damaged site is granted, STRONE’s first priority is to clean as much of the area as possible.

Crews will conduct emergency cleaning to mitigate secondary damage. This can include discoloration of appliances, acid stains, and discolored walls. Items may rust from acid residue and permanent damage to contents and the building itself can occur if not addressed promptly. The sooner crews are notified and can arrive at the site, the less secondary damage will occur.

If this is an insurance claim, your STRONE Project Manager will coordinate with the insurance adjuster early regarding coverage and the process moving forward. Project direction will depend on a number of factors including severity of damage and cause of the fire. Forensic engineers may be contacted to investigate the origin of the cause of the fire while structural engineers may be called on for direction in stabilizing the damaged building.

Site Safety and Security

A fire damaged building opens up a number of unforeseen issues for the owner. It can create safety concerns for workers and the public.

STRONE can assist in securing the property to make the site safe for work. This can include temporary fencing around the perimeter of loss site, tarping, boarding up of floors, windows, and doors, temporary railings on upper levels, and structural support.

If openings in the roof or walls are created by the fire damage, STRONE crews will use tarping and board up methods to help prevent further damage by the elements. This will provide a temporary solution will structural damage is assessed and until proper repairs are approved and made. 

A damaged building and the contents within it are also vulnerable to criminals. Arrangements can be made with a security firm if necessary, to keep unwanted people off site 24/7.


After a fire, smoke odours and soot impact your contents quickly. STRONE crews will conduct an emergency pack out of contents from the site to prevent further contamination of salvageable items.

Contents will be inventoried and taken to a secure location for assessment and cleaning. Our professionals understand how devastating a fire can be for a family. We will attempt recovery of sentimental items and other valuables from your home to help with your personal recovery process.

Deodorization and Neutralization

Residue and smoke odours need to be removed as early as possible.

Removal of the fire source and any burnt material will help to address odours. STRONE technicians will also install air cleaning and deodorizing equipment (i.e. air scrubbers).  Various deodorizing and neutralization techniques can be used, depending on the scale and type of fire.


STRONE provides complete building demolition services, with assistance from Itech – a subsidiary of STRONE.

Our skilled and trained staff can provide you with the equipment and personnel to demolish all, part or even tear-out the inside of a building damaged by fire. Itech can provide 20 and 40 yd disposal bins with M.O.E. licensed trucks.

Throughout this entire process, your STRONE Project Manager will work with you, keeping you updated on progress and communicating next steps in the process. STRONE crews and trades are professionals and understand the stress you are experiencing from this situation. Together, our entire STRONE team has one common goal, to lend your family a helping hand as we work toward returning your home and your lives back to normal.

How to React After a Fire