Whether it’s a flood, sewer backup or water damage as a result of a fire, our document recovery and restoration service will protect documents from further deterioration, mould and secondary damage.

Our process begins with assessment of the damage, careful packing and labelling of the documents at your premises, and then freezing to arrest deterioration. Freezing allows time to deal with the loss and time to assess what documents to restore, discard, etc.

Our dedicated Oakville facility provides us the ability to store, freeze, handle, process, dry, and clean all products under one roof. This facility includes a 5,000 cu ft walk in freezer, laboratory clean room facility, freeze drying units for specialty drying, and various sized chambers to handle generic drying of documents with controlled ambient conditions and air flow. Separate chamber handles ozone, hydroxyl, or aroma type deodorization.

Our Document Recovery & Restoration service provides:

  • Initial assessment of damage
  • Expeditious freezing of documents to reduce mould and ensure high quality results
  • Expert packing and transportation of files to our warehouse
  • Ongoing two-way communication with our client to manage priorities and expectations
  • A variety of drying techniques to provide the most efficient process for the job; including freeze-dry technology
  • Careful removal and cleaning of documents once drying process is complete
  • Files placed in new folders and relabeled
  • Restored documents packed in new boxes and delivered back to the customer


Our customers include: insurance companies, hospitals, schools, archives, libraries, government offices, records management companies, and fellow restoration contractors.

STRONE Document Recovery and Restoration [VIDEO]