5 Eco-Friendly Gift Wrap Ideas

With Christmas quickly approaching, our STRONE elves have scoured the internet to find last minute environmentally friendly gift wrap ideas.

Recycled Gift Wrap
This Christmas don’t toss out your used gift wrap. Cut to a useable size and run it through a shredder. Save for future use, lining gift boxes or bags.

Potato Chip Bags
It’s an odd option but it can work and is pretty cool. Cut open a used potato chip bag, carefully along its seam. The inside of chip bags is a foil-like material and provides a great look. Flatten the bag, wash it with detergent and water, and air dry.

Crossword, Sudoku, and Word Searches
Scan your local newspaper or puzzle books for mind teasers like crosswords, Sudoku, and word searches. Puzzles are also readily available online for printing, creating your own custom gift wrap. Have a little fun with the gift recipient, challenging them to complete the puzzle before opening their present.

Today’s magazines are more vibrant and larger than ever. Use attractive advertisements, covers, and articles from used magazines to wrap gifts like never before. For creative folks, use these glossy pages to make elegant bows as well.

Leftover fabric can be a great eco-friendly alternative to wrap oddly shaped items. Fabric is a perfect option for gifts such as wine bottles or odd shaped items. Finish it off with spare ribbon or twine from around the house.

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